Grower Returns
Competitive Pricing
Poindexter Nut Company's contracts ensure competitive returns. The combined efforts of our orchard management services, value added sales and the introduction of the IC-DISC program all directly benefit our growers.

IC-DISC Program
In 2014 our company established a shared IC-DISC (Interest Charge-Domestic International Sales Corporation) program to help reduce the tax burden of our grower base. This program allows growers to convert a significant amount of their revenue from traditional earned income tax rates to the much lower capital gains tax rate, saving our growers millions of dollars in taxes. In the first year, we signed up over 50% of our entire volume into this program. To maximize the benefits to our growers, we run a segregated export pool. For fiscal 2014, our IC-DISC pool had a 100% export rate.

Fair and Equal Treatment
The DFA of California inspects and grades all walnuts. Growers are paid based on the third party inspections. All of Poindexter’s growers are treated equally.