Poindexter Nut Company (PNC) began in the 1950's when our current owner, Ron Poindexter, and his father Latha Poindexter began delivering their walnuts to Berberian Processing Company in Stockton, CA. Soon after, their neighbors began asking the Poindexter's to deliver their walnuts too and eventually, to streamline the process, they started buying and reselling them. A small huller was used to clean the walnuts and they were either dried by laying them down on a wooden frame or by simply spreading them out across the ground. In 1967, Ron and his father began buying walnuts on a commission basis for Associated Nut Growers (ANG) in Visalia. In the fall of 1969, the pair decided to install a small, 12-ton huller and dryer. In 1970, Latha Poindexter passed away.

Originally operating with two employees and only buying 40-50 tons of walnut per year, Ron Poindexter and his wife, Sherian Poindexter were able to expand to more than 600 tons a year. In 1983, Associated Nut Growers, under new ownership and poor management, defaulted on their payments to the growers. Poindexter Nut Company refinanced and paid the growers the money owed to them by ANG. Over a three year period, PNC was able to recover 33% from the bankruptcy but the credibility and the integrity of the Poindexter's was recognized throughout the entire industry.

In 1985, Poindexter Nut Company began as commissioned buyers for Nutridge Farms. Tonnage was easily added to the walnut operation in both hulling and drying as well as in procurement for Nutridge Farms. The next year PNC began sizing and bleaching inshell walnuts and with the Poindexter name on the product and a close attention to detail, there was soon a reputation for great quality inshell walnuts. In the first year, PNC shipped five containers to Germany and today, over 500 containers a year are shipped all over the world.

Christmas Eve of 1990, news was received that Nutridge Farms could not pay their growers. Once again, the Poindexter's refinanced and paid the growers money owed to them by Nutridge Farms. Eventually, Nutridge paid off all of their debt but Ron and Sherian decided they needed to take control of their own destiny. With a strong grower base and dedicated employees, the Poindexters' built their own processing plant and in the first year alone, PNC was able to process four million pounds of walnuts. In 1993, Ron and Sherian's son, Mike Poindexter, joined the company as a salesman and General Manager. With Mike's vision of growth for the company, Poindexter Nut Company now employs over 400 employees seasonally and currently processes 45 million pounds of walnuts a year, exporting to more than 45 countries.